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  • A disclaimer: If you say something, and it's untrue, I will speak up. I will argue until I feel my point is made... so if you don't leave or budge an inch, don't bother making any plans for the evening. I will stop the moment when you do. It does not mean I'm attacking you specifically, I have this thing that I will not walk away from something I've started. Please do not take this personally. I apologize if I've accidentally offended you in any way.
    The chatbot... The chatbot will ban you if you say "I hate terraforums" When it's on. And da boss told me to do it, too... :-))
    Okay, why did you pick me to be a friend? I am no good! :) But thanks! And also, what did you do to get yourself banned? Maybe I shouldn't be hanging out with you! Did you murder a plant or something? :)
    If people can see me, being banned for an hour due to annoying the chatbot... Oh, COME ON! An hour? Really? And why was I banned in FRENCH?
    Your link to your growlist is messed up. It needs to be corrected so "showthread" is written instead of "sh...d".

    Also, I was eying the burmanii beerwah, which you evidently already have. Don't suppose a SASE would get a few of those off your hands?
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