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  • Hey I’m interested in the XS villosa seedlings you mentioned on the classifieds page if you have any left. May I ask where you got them? I have a bunch of seedlings that are supposedly villosa, but I have my doubts as the seeds were identical to those of 4-5 other species that I got from the same seller.
    Where did you get that leucophylla with the heavily ruffled lid? We have a purp a Meadowview that has a very showy hood that would hybridize excellently with it.
    yo. so im going to take your advice and put my burbidgeae in intermediate conditions. i'll let you know how it goes :)
    My dad killed your darlingtonia when I was on vacation.. :/ But he watered it and everything was good, and wet when i got back. Only like 3 plants died... aliciae, darlingtonia, and one ventrata.. o.o but the ventrata was cause my mom moved it and forgot to move it back.. -.-. Soo when do you want to come to LA to hunt him down? xD. I'm hoping it'll recover by making a stalon.. <3 But another main thing was because my dad let the weeds grow in my bog so it might of covered the darlingtonia. On the left was a VFT growing upright, behind it a Sarracenia, and next to it was the ******* tall weed, that was on the other bog.. but was so ******* giant covered some of the other bog too. my VFT's we'rent as red as before so it must be the weeds. And it looks like my plants are being eaten by something... or its TOO hot. Can the tempurature be too hot for pings? Some of the leaves are wrinkling up (but are still green)
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