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    Selaginella lepidophylla

    I have never known anyone who could successfully keep this plant alive once it has been totally dried out; all the dried specimens invariably die because they have no rhizomes, and I have a lot of experience keeping Selaginellas. Ditto for the mislabeled S. willdenowii often sold in plastic...
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    Yet another ban attempt

    I'm going to weigh in on this, since I have bred and owned various herps, both native and exotic, for nearly 50 years now, and that includes venomous and large Boids. I have also been very involved in breeding, showing, working and hunting dogs for just as long, and that includes American Pit...
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    Young N. miranda That Has NEVER Had Pitchers, plus ID request

    The young plant is positioned in a southeastern-facing window, and there is a bright fluorescent light on in that room 24/7. It is still possible that this time of year, the light is not quite sufficient, so hopefully once the danger of frosts and freezes are over I can move it outside. I don't...
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    Young N. miranda That Has NEVER Had Pitchers, plus ID request

    I've looked through previous threads, hoping to find the answer to this, but since I didn't really find anything that satisfied my question(s), I'm posting on here for a solution. I have a young-well, actually TWO-N. mirandax hybrids that I purchased last spring at a reptile show from a guy who...
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    Hi, Y'all, From South Carolina

    I don't know, honestly, but the plant really seems to like it there because it's "taken off" since I got it, keeping its original pitchers for months(still has two in good shape)and now has 11 new pitchers that are just starting to spill over the edge of the pot. I mist it at least 2-3 times...
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    Hi, Y'all, From South Carolina

    I'm a long-time plant hobbyist, mostly have kept various epiphytic cacti, especially Rhipsalis, but lately I've gotten "into" the primitive plants like Selaginellas and Liverworts and of course, the CP's. My intro to the CP obsession came with me seeing various carnivores occasionally offered...