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    Lowland or highland?

    One thing to consider is that half of the genes are LL. You could cross amp x [(lowii x hamata) x (ovata x villosa)] but it would still be half LL genes. Your cross is likely very adaptable and would probably even acclimate to a windowsill.
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    Smooter80's grow list

    It's been a while since I've updated here. Tons of new stuff.
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    is nepenthes bicalcarata rare ? cant find it ?

    I have a few small bicals. Shoot me a message and maybe we can work something out.
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    Rescued VFT seems in good health, but soil is slimy

    Mineral build up in the media will encourage algae growth. Top watering several times to flush the media should help. Also letting the surface dry isn't a bad thing.
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    D. schizandra 'Andromeda' not looking great

    Some of the Andromeda crosses really do not like strong light, although that one looks more like prolifera than schizandra. Maybe try less light and see how it reacts.
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    Drosophyllum Killer Babies

    I saw that FB post and it's very misleading. It's really not a healthy looking plant. It has very few leaves and is extremely small for a 2 year old plant. I have 6 month old plants nearly as big with many more leaves. From the comments it seems like it was bought, not grow from seed. How is...
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    Is my cephalotus dying??? :-(

    Your photos aren't showing BTW.
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    Nep poacher alert. Please don't buy anything from this scum.

    Nep poacher alert. Please don't buy anything from this scum.
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    Lowe's Nepenthes

    Thanks for sharing that. Sometimes we can do everything "perfect" and still lose a plant. I know we like to see flashy photos and colorful pitchers but that's not always the everyday reality.
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    Hi from California!

    I'm not too far from you up the hill a bit. 12-16% humidity days is pretty much the desert!! The crew in chat has been a great help to get me growing Neps. Jump in chat sometime.
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    Keeping vft in a tank question

    I don't think your dog will like being in a tank.
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    Smooter80's grow list

    Update. Added some plants, Neps and a few other things. A few more Drosersa seeds types germinated.
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    My Heliamphoras (Pictures heavy)

    Awesome plants. I'm so jealous.
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    Nepenthes 'Linda' & khasiana

    If you are looking to buy, there is a Linda eBay.
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    Smooter80's grow list

    New Drosera plants and seeds germinated.