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    how to use max sea fertiliser on nepenthes and sarracenia ?

    Sorry to dredge up the dead (thread) but this seems like a good place to ask at what size Nep do you start foliar feeding. From seedling stage or what? Also, how soon after getting a mail order plant can I start foliar feeding? Once it acclimates after 2-4 weeks?
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    What's the longest you had a plant in shock after transplanting?

    Although my peltata hasn't made a new pitcher yet, it has grown two new leaves in the 7 weeks since I transplanted her. I suppose smaller plants adjust quicker. Usually just a month or two for me, but I don't grow any sensitive species.
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    It would be if I wasn't MIA since 2010. I see you're MIA since 2015. Anyway, I'm back starting...

    It would be if I wasn't MIA since 2010. I see you're MIA since 2015. Anyway, I'm back starting my collection over from scratch in oHIo. LMK if you ever make it back here.
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    My Nepenthese x Ventrata Only Growing Nubs

    Could be a pest but it looks clean and more like physical damage to me. Could have had its growth interrupted by cold or transplant shock. Once it grows a little more it should leaf out more fully. How long have you had it?
  5. Vik x amp^2.jpg

    Vik x amp^2.jpg

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    Back from the dead

    Thanks, I have a few Drosera I use to keep the gnat population down but I'm mostly focused on Nepenthes. Not quite ready for pitcher of the month
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    Back from the dead

    I (and my plants) have been MIA for quite a while. The previous collection I accumulated in so. cal. is no more (sob). I moved to Ohio six years ago and after keeping a couple Neps alive here, I caught the bug again. Currently growing in a chamber in my basement under lights, I plan on moving...
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    n. peter d amato

    I grow very few lowlanders and not very many species. There are still many growers who grow far more than I do.
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    n. peter d amato

    Thank you, that's been bugging me since the reverse cross was first mentioned. Here's my NOT PDA - It's clone 6 from the same batch of seeds: Does that make it less valuable than PDA? Not in my opinion. Still a single clone from an amazing cross - and it's probably more rare than PDA and...
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    Unknown Monstrocity!

    That's xDyeriana
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    n. peter d amato

    Bend the growth tip below the roots.
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    Unknown Monstrocity!

    It looks like xLeesii to me:
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    Looking for interesting male

    I've usually got some males in bloom. Hard to tell what will be available in 2 months. maxima x aristo has 2 spikes in bloom and another spike started, so pollen should be available for a while on that one. Same story with thorelii x aristo. Also have maxima(clone b or l - I forget which one...
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    Variegation? red/green

    I've seen that on one of my plants. It even goes through to the underside of the leaf (does yours?). and the pitchers: Those pics are a year old. I'll have to take a closer look at this plant to see if it is still doing it.
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    Mostly pics of new neps

    Interesting looking talangensis x veitchii. I'm looking forward to seeing that one mature. It should have interesting pitchers on it.