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    Dividing D. aliciae

    I have performed several transplants. I just don't know how to go about separating the divisions. Will they just come apart? It looks like some of the divisions are above the rhizome.
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    Dividing D. aliciae

    Anyone have advice on dividing this thing? Since it flowered this summer, my alice sundew has divided 3 times, making 4 total sundews stuck together. I just don't know where to begin. I have only separated pings, sarrs, and VFTs. Here are a couple pictures:
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    Discussion and Requests Here -- Bids ONLY in the Auction Threads, Please!

    Found this typo in the auction rules section.
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    S. Wrigleyana vs. S. 'Scarlet Belle'

    I mean that the cultivar S. 'scarlet belle' was originally created where the leucophylla was the maternal parent. Being a cultivar, it now is propagated via vegetative means. S. x wrigleyana can be any cross of psittacina and leucophylla, but most often has psittacina as the maternal parent.
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    S. Wrigleyana vs. S. 'Scarlet Belle'

    I think that S. 'Scarlet Belle' is a cultivar that specifically has the S. leucophylla as the maternal parent. S. x wrigleyana is any mix of S. psittacina and S. leucophylla, but almost always has S. psittacina as the maternal parent due to timing of when each flowers. I know this is an old...
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    Darlingtonia californica varieties

    I am curious how your bog is doing now? I just planted a bunch of darlingtonia... any advice you have learned from your experience would be much appreciated!