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    (PAID) (herenorthere $11) S. alata Black (Orgel’s Orchids)

    Join me on the dark side. One growth point of Sarracenia alata Black. Received as small division from Jeff Greene via American Pitcher Plant (Carson Trexler) in late 2020. You will receive the plant shown in these photos. Other details: received labeled as Orgel’s Orchids 1997-Parent of Black...
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    (PAID) (The Griffin $13) N. Sanguinea rooted cutting

    For sale: Rooted 2 growth point cutting of Nepenthes Sanguinea. Initial cutting strike was about 6months ago. Ships potted to the continental U.S. only. Buyer pays for shipping ($9– edit on 5/16). Photos are of exact plant for sale. Opening bid: $2
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    (PAID) (BJTS $15) Readii (Karen Oudean)

    For sale: 1 growth point of Sarracenia Readii (rubra ssp and leucophylla ssp hybrid). Purchased in late 2020 from Jeff Greene via Carson Trexler (americanpitcherplant.com). Other details: Labeled as “Karen Oudean’s Readii Dark”. Very red growth this early in the season in U.S. hardiness zone 7b...
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    NASC Tee Shirt Special!

    Just sent payment for 1! Thanks for this