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    Drying out or something worse?

    Thanks, the orchid bark is just a covering (pure LFS underneath) but it has been rather dry around here recently. Both growth points are good for now, let's hope they stay that way!
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    Pitcher of the Month January 2019

    N. robcantleyi x hamata:
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    Drying out or something worse?

    Recently my N. maxima (wavy leaf) has taken a pretty big downturn in health. Here's what it looks like at the moment: I should've taken some earlier pictures, but some of the leaves started turning brown from the vein outwards, others from the edge inwards. We've had a bit of a heatwave...
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    How long before seed grown nepenthes plants grow bigger/adultish pitchers

    From my sample size of n = 1, I'd say it took a year. But as BigBella notes, it's very dependent on several factors. Speaking of... Those of us in the southern hemisphere thank you for your consideration.
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    Pitcher of the Month January 2018

    N. boschiana x platychila:
  6. mEXSD9th.jpg


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    Is something eating my neps, or another problem?

    Good grief Dex, you're absolutely right. I must be going blind. The culprit has now been smushed after a quick search. HCarlton, as for the third one that actually wouldn't surprise me, it was recently repotted and moved to a different location, so it may just be acclimatisation now that you...
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    Is something eating my neps, or another problem?

    Over the last few weeks a few of my neps have been getting leaf damage. From the first two plants I think it's just that something's been munching on them since it's all on the new leaves but I thought I'd just get a second opinion since the damage to the third one doesn't look quite the same...
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    Struggling with Neps

    You might want to consider putting a misting system in there, set it to frequently mist during the day. While it's better to get the temperatures right in the first place, in my experience high humidity does help to offset some of the effects.
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    Some new pics from here and there.....

    That last one is very neat. Reminds me of a N. veitchii x burbidgeae I have that looks similar, but not quite as striking as yours.
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    What the halibut happened here?!?

    I thought that too, but the balcony height and the lack of anything in the pot or special about the soil would make it a fairly pointless exercise (unless there were rumours of buried treasure in there). Given the date, perhaps someone was playing an (early) April Fools joke? I will crack up...
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    Four tier greenhouse

    For what it's worth, my experience with those greenhouses is that they heat up really quickly in the sun, but as soon as it goes all the heat gets lost out through the bottom. Cooling will be a must, but if you get cold temperatures at night then don't expect it to do much.
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    Nutrient deficiency?

    Thanks for the info guys, at least it's good to know that there's nothing wrong with it.
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    Nutrient deficiency?

    I've had a N. boschiana x platychila for a while, and seen it start to vine. The pitchers morphology has changed a fair amount (and fairly nicely I'd say), but the colours are really starting to fade. For reference, here was one of the intermediate pitchers from about 8 months ago: Winter...
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    Pitcher of the Month December 2016

    Hah! You sure there isn't a coconut tree somewhere in that parentage?