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    Ant Plants

    Deal breaker = sufficient reason not to go back. As far as the id on the plant, I'm going by what the person who gave it to me told me it was. What would your id be?
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    ?? 4-season Container Bog

    In ground hardiness and hardiness in above grade containers are two entirely different things. I keep half barrels in zone 7A and can relate my experience. After a particularly cold winter (in 7A) my Dews were fine, as was my Sarracenia purpurea purpurea. Sarracenia leucophylla and rubra, along...
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    Latest Haul

    Bought a few lately. First two are Blc Tsiku Orpheus 'Fu Cai' & Hawaiian Passion 'Lake View Pink Lip' respectively. Both supposed to be highly fragrant. Next are Anacheilum baculus, also highly fragrant. And lastly a pair of Epidendrum hybrids, coronatum x scriptum:
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    Ant Plants

    A current pic of my Hydnophytum formicarium. Although I once had a Myrmecodia tuberosa several times larger than this plant, this will be my first time blooming an ant plant:
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    Feeding ants?

    You need to develop as much patience as your spatulata.........
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    My Napoleonics

    Very fine work sir! But fyi, it ain't the hands that go, it's the eyes! Edit: you missed a spot......
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    Spring is coming...........

    A groundhog makes a much better meal than a meteorologist. Cats are much better at knowing when spring is coming........
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