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    Drosera spring's flowers

    Alex,thanks your nice comments! Yes,the flowers are mostly closed within 2 hours,the D.peltata has a bit longer   rex
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    Drosera spring's flowers

    Hope you like those flowers rex
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    D. 'Tamlin' seed availalbe

    Some pics about D.tamlin of mine,hope they can help you http://droseraforum.suddenlaunch3.com/index.c....start=0 Happy growing! rex
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    D.peltata"Hong Kong"

    First flower this morning!!! Hope you like them!!! rex
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    Drosera capensis" special wide leaves"

    It's grown from seeds two years ago from a friend,who?you must know indeed ! I will be angry if you only see without nice comments It's a joke rex
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    Happy birthday to:

    I love you all     Pics are coming soon! rex
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    Utricularia minutissima "hk"

    I would like to tell you they are still living in Hong Kong       ,I had spent several years for searching this native utricularia in my country,nothing until yesterday when I was hiking on some hills. Cheers, rex
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    Utricularia striatula'hk"

    Not many its pics found in the Bob's Photo Finder,so I added some   not very clear   They grow well with my little Darlingtonia   I know some grower had got my seeds year ago,pls let me know... rex
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    Lost plants

    Hi rose, Any chance that I could help you?I have some spare seeds too:D rex
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    My drosera in flower

    Thanks!!! Go hereNikon D70 web site My wife didn't know the price   rex
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    My drosera in flower

    Thanks!!! I remember that I had share some D.spatulata seeds labelled as 'Shek O' to some guys in the forum last year,but I couldn't sure what yours was,let me know if you are  interested     rex
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    My drosera in flower

    Thanks!!! Sean,you are my mirror rex
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    My drosera in flower

    Thanks!It is Nikon D70 with Tamron macro lens. I am still leaning for both photography and growing Cps. rex
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    My drosera in flower

    It is sunny today,photo taking shoud be a good job,the pics are quick shots so the quality of the pics are not very good,hope you like! D.spatulata ' shek O' D.oblanceolata with special flower. cheers! rex
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    Have a look!

    Thanks your nice comments! There will be more comming cheers! rex