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    N. maxima -Ok for windowsill?

    Good to know, I had not tried any species outside my tents. For my windowsill Nepenthes, I'm sure hybrid vigor plays a major role in their success in poor conditions (low humidity, 80f night temps in July-August, etc). Alata, ventricosa, and truncata may be worth a try too.
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    N. maxima -Ok for windowsill?

    I've mostly run out of space in my grow tent and heated lowland tank. I've seen some very nice maxima varieties available recently (Gunung Lumut-the false Eymae, and wavy leaf). I was wondering if these would be hardy enough as windowsill plants. My apartment conditions are pretty bad for most...
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    D. rotundifolia summer dormancy?

    D. rotundifolia will go dormant in the summer due to stress from excessively high heat. High night temperatures in particular really bother them. To save your plant, put it in the fridge and bring it out next spring, treat it as dormant. I have dealt with this growing rotundifolia seasonally in...
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    My greenhouses at work

    NoID Orchid is Coelogyne cristata, or a hybrid involving it. I'm surprised to see such a nice one in GA, this is a definite "highland-ultrahighland" orchid. I never noticed that one back at UGA.
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    N. "Karen Marie"

    I don't have any pics of it, but I do know that it is an older hybrid (made in the 80s or 90s) by Bruce Lee Bednar. It is a very complex lowland hybrid, and should be colorful and easy to grow, but not terribly spectacular.
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    Pinguicula Vulgaris prefers alkaline, rocky cliff faces in the USA?

    I live a couple blocks from a former P. vulgaris site (Beebe Lake Dam, Cornell University Campus), elevation is only a couple hundred meters. The is another population in Taughannock State park right outside of Ithaca, NY, at the same elevation. They typically grow on limestone cliffs next to...
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    D. spatulata(?) from Aceh

    I assume since you are in SG, you have "lowland" conditions? How are the they adapting?
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    Any guideline on trying Nepenthes nectar

    My N. alata x (kampotiana x ventricosa) uppers produce a lot of nectar. It tastes just like honey. I also tried the white stuff on my friend's N. lowii uppers, not as good.
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    What is your favorite hybrid?

    Probably N. ventricosa x (xTiveyi) "A". This plant could give N. x ventrata a run for it's money in terms of vigor. I got mine as a rooted cutting about 3 months ago, and it has nearly doubled in size since then. It is strange how uncommon it is in collections, though.
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    Terrarium Heating with Submersible Heaters

    I'm interested in setting up a terrarium for lowland Nepenthes, probably one of the larger exo-terra models. I already have an Intermediate/Highland grow-tent that does not receive supplemental heating. It averages daytime highs of 80 and nighttime lows of 60-65 without supplemental heating. I'm...
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    Hybrids with significant "hybrid vigor"

    N. sibuyanensis x truncata is a good one. I grew as a houseplant under lights before I built my grow-tent and it had no problem pitchering in low humidity.
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    Hybrids with significant "hybrid vigor"

    I'll be giving the aristo hybrids to some friends in town who grow highlanders. xSplendiana is a famously vigorous hybrid. I got one a couple weeks ago. It suffered some cold damage in shipping, but is recovering well and starting to pitcher again.
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    Hybrids with significant "hybrid vigor"

    I grow both aristo x thorelii and bellii x aristo. Neither are doing very well for me, they are pitchering well, but they have stunted-looking leaves. I am using 8 x T5 HO fluorescents, so I am pretty sure they were getting too much light, so I moved the lights farther away. The newest leaves...
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    Hybrids with significant "hybrid vigor"

    Has anyone grown a Nepenthes hybrid with particularly strong "hybrid vigor", either faster growing than the parents, or more tolerant of conditions outside the preferred range of the parents? I have noticed this trait in some hybrids, but not in others. One example I can give from my own...
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    Aloe help

    Your aloe is not taking up water because night temperatures are too high. Most succulents are CAM (crassulacean acid metabolism) plants. Simplified, this means that they shut down metabolically (and can't use water and nutrients effectively) if they don't cool down at night. I would recommend...