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  • Awesome! I'm familiar with the mag. The art and writing still sounds like fun. I've been trying to contact a few bands to show them the artwork I've done based on their material, but I haven't had any luck contacting them yet. Sounds like you have a pretty good position at the publication.
    Oh no, that's the worst news I've heard since Corey Smoot's death! It's hard to sing like he does in perfect health, so I can only imagine what that condition must do to him.

    Lucky! He seems like a really laid back guy from the interviews I've seen of him, plus his story videos. What mag do you write for? I got to talk to some of the guys from Death Angel after a show. Their guitarists are awesome to chat with! Wish I got the meet-and-greet with Soilwork.
    Hey Swords,

    You might be able to order some and have it shipped to your place. IF the ice is in a cooler, and you order it during the winter, it should keep for quite a few days. I'll keep you all posted on growth.
    Hey Swords,

    I had to bail and missed your message. I noticed in the archives you mentioned you wanted to know where I got the dry ice from. I live in Canada and there is a place here called Cryotronix, which has a "Dry Ice Counter". You show up with a cooler and get as much as you want for $4/kg. I think you can get it at many places, like pharmacies and whatnot. I'm sure you can find some near you easily.
    Swords - I just wanted to stop by and tell you how cool you are. You always have the best avatars, quotes, and forum accessories. You're always a positive or at LEAST neutral force on Terraforums which is more than most of us can say! :lol: rock on!
    I was compelled to stop by and tell you how much I adore your avatar.
    Roy Batty :3
    Blade Runner is seriously my favorite movie ever.
    hey swords, you seem to be "the bug guy" here. do you know where i can get a giant pill bug or pill millipede? ive looked into it a few times but never found anybody with any in stock
    hey i heard you would be able to help. I built a terrarium with a faux background, problem is, the sand mixture isnt sticking well to the silicone. is there a non toxic enamel i can spray over the sand to adhere it better?

    i only put 2" on the bottom wish i had went to 4" at least but it does fine my terr. is only 12 high so it would make it hard to get at the plants with only 8" opening. cant wait to see yours, hows the stand coming?
    Good to hear about the goop, i'll be more likely to use it more often .
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