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  • i only put 2" on the bottom wish i had went to 4" at least but it does fine my terr. is only 12 high so it would make it hard to get at the plants with only 8" opening. cant wait to see yours, hows the stand coming?
    Good to hear about the goop, i'll be more likely to use it more often .
    No, not a week, overnight is all that's really needed. I use the goop glues for all sorts of things they only stink a few hours. if possible I put the glued thing outside to air off until it dries. Just don't trap your plants in the terrarium with the gasses as it cures overnight, that'll wilt them.

    Now I'm on the hunt for glass panes for the track and the braces that the sliding track will mount to. I want a 6" soil/water area in the false bottom. Otherwise I could just mount the track to the lid glass and floor glass and be done with it.
    Guess i should have read your whole post b-fore i sent that last question cool i have both but will try the silicone first i worry about the gasses that some of the adheasives may produce till they have a week or two to cure fully Thoughts? Think i read the track is styrene plastic.
    Howdy Mr swords, hows it goin.
    Did you get the e track yet is it what you were expecting im about to order so i can redo my doors
    Yep, E6000 is fine, it's another in the "goop" family of glues. I think it's really all the same product just in different packages. They sell their products in various niche markets: Crafters Goop (craft shop), Household Goop (grocery store), E6000 (Hardware store)... but I think it's all the same recipe. They certainly all stink the same! They all create a better bond than silicone for funky plastics and things that aquarium silicone won't bond.

    I got the sliding glass E tracks in the mail today, it seems like normal plastic (not food container plastic) so it should be fine attaching to glass with plain old aquarium silicone. So If you didn't already buy the E6000 and already have Silicone on hand you should be fine. If you did buy it it'll do the job and then some.
    hey guy
    checked the local for the e55 foumd e 6000 whant do you think of it ever heard of it says on package use e6800 if intend for applications that will be exposed to sun . Still looking for your goop suggestions, man they make so many not sure which ones you suggested
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