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    Making space - S. x. moorei "Leah Wilkerson"

    Hey Scotty, Very happy to hear that you just GAVE AWAY such a potentially valuable specimen, thereby demonstrating an immunity to the hypnocratic methodology used to separate egoplantonomics from simple appreciation and sharing of the beauty. You have my respect, good sir! LOL, a plant is...
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    new pics of some jars of tissue cultures:-)

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Gold star for your forehead good sir!!!
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    Hi Andrew, I just noticed all my photo's in the TF Gallery are listed as "guest" and I'd like to...

    Hi Andrew, I just noticed all my photo's in the TF Gallery are listed as "guest" and I'd like to correct that. Is there some way I can do that? Thanks! wm
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    How big is yours?

    A quick note on Drosera capensis "red Form": excessive UV does not profit the growth in this form...it encourages deep coloration at the expense of overall size.
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    Drosera venusta "coccicaulis"

    Very nice indeed, a happy sight in winter for sure!
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    Going Out Of Business

    Very happy for you Lois! Now, you can do it just for the love!
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    My two favorite dews

    I would advise against trying to encourage dormancy! From my experience dormancy in the Petiolaris Complex is a response to adverse growing conditions, not requried as with the temperate Drosera species. I believe these plants do dormant if and when they need it, and petiolaris dormancy is...
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    A Cephalotus Collection fit for a King! [warning: picture heavy]

    Hmmmm, I must say this is a touchy thread! I can add some comments here regarding cultivar level publication rules in general...although I haven't read this publication. Consider that the most important element in a cultivar publication is a list of distinguishing characteristics that *set this...
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    Drosera regia review

    I had good success with an almost aquatic set up, double potted so the water was a few cm beneath the substrate. Used a base sump of redwoood mulch and pure live sphag run thru the food processor. I know that sounds strange but it worked for a couple of years. My plants went dormant when...
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    D. schizandra photos

    Very nice advice Brian! Considering the woodland nature of this species, the loose medium makes a lot of sense. I had the best results in a similar medium as yours, although I added some leaf mould. Mine did best in larger pots and mine were kept wetter so that there would be a good...
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    Lots of Sundew Pics from this year part 1- D. brevifolia, D. capillaris, D. regia DUW

    Very happy plants, thanks for sharing! You know, Drosera brevifolia is soooo sensitive to fungal problems, it's always refreshing to see such perfect rosettes. If you can grow this species this well, you would have good success with the Hirtella Complex members which are notoriously difficult...
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    Happy Holidays!

    I got the BEST Christmas present ever!!! I called my son to widh him a Merry and he told me I'm going to be a Granpa!!! I'm in shock. Santa, you really came through this year!!!!
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    D. "Carbarup" flowering now?

    Only that they are happy under your care!