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    Hello... Again

    Yeah, it seems the forum is much less active than it used to be. In my first collection I had primarily lowland neps which seem to be more expensive And harder to find than 10 years ago. We'll see how it goes
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    Hello... Again

    Hello, I'm Travis from Central NY. I'm introducing myself again. I've been a member of the forum for years now and was super active probably 8 years ago. I've been moving for work every couple months for the past 8 years or so and had to give up this incredible hobby. I'm hoping to get back into...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Zone 5 Hardy cp

    Looking primarily for northern varieties/locales of S.purpurea ( seeds or divisions) and maybe some D. filiformis seed. Let me know what you have and I'm sure we can work something out 😁 -Travis
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    Sarrs surviving light spring freezing ?

    If anyone was wondering, they can survive some decent spring freezing. There was one day it when from the high 50s during the day and dropped to the mid 20 at night. I panicked the next morning when all the sphagnum on the top of the pot was frozen solid but they don't seem to have skipped a...
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    Sarrs surviving light spring freezing ?

    So I don't have much experience with sarrs. I just got my current sarrs from the NASC auction and I've been bringing them inside every night because where I live the night time temps have been dropping to just above freezing. My day time temps have been around 45-55 for the past week but next...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Live sphagnum and temperate drosera live or seeds

    As the title says I'm looking for some live sphagnum maybe a gallon bag worth and some temperate drosera preferably live plants because I'm out of the window to stratify them outside, and my girlfriend had a cow last time I did seeds in the fridge. Im looking to do a group planting with some...
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    **PAID**(tatorger $10) S. Purpurea venosa

    Item was received! Thanks so much! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    **PAID**(tatorger $10) S. Purpurea venosa

    I'm in for 10 Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Give Away Drosera capensis "Bain'sKloof" Seeds

    1) adnedarn 2) Grey Moss - Thanks for the very cool giveaway! 3) Osito - fingers crossed! 4) sharkjaws1234 5) SerMuncherIV 6) Cain - =) 7) Raistlarn - thank you 8) aarolar 9) Dexenthes 10) madrone - thanks for the generous giveaway! 11) pooparella- thank you 12) Flora - Thanks for...
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    Give Away Free Sundews, Free Sundew Seeds AND Free Non CP Seeds

    Id love to get my hands on some of those capensis plantlets and maybe some spatulata seeds if you wanna pm me details that would be great
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    MEMBERS PHOTOS!  Let us see you!

    carpet python?
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    Looking for Neps (LL mostly but others too!)

    bump!! Im still looking for LL Neps to get my 55 gal terrarium up and running again; fresh cuttings, rooted cuttings, anything!! im looking for it all! anything clogging up your LL grow space ill make an offer Thanks for Looking -Travis
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    Looking for Neps (LL mostly but others too!)

    Yeah that didn't work it's not allowing me to connect my panjo account to terraforums I contacted the panjo support two days ago and they haven't gotten back
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    Looking for Neps (LL mostly but others too!)

    Could a mod please move this post to classifieds. Ive been trying to post there for days and have given up. As the title states Im looking for LL neps. Mostly looking for ampullaria, rafflesiana, bicalcarata. But im open to any other interesting LL neps. No hybrids please. Im interested in...
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    Drosera Finlaysoniana

    1. tmurphy44870 2. SavageExotics 3. Woodbridge - Thanks, please count me in. 4. Raistlarn 5. Pooparella- thanks, very hopeful! 6. aarolar 7.tatorger