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    Air Layering Tutorial

    After asking around on youtube I find this to be a very interesting technique. I drew this little doodle in under 7 minutes and published it on my journal. I want to share it here since some of you were asking and had not heard of this either. It was fun to make these drawings. Nepenthes...
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    My newest Addition

    They look great! Congrats. I have two northianas. But mine are little. They are very cool plants.
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    New Species!!!!

    Congrats on the new plant. I'd love to have one of these one day.
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    my Nepenthes 2012

    So many nice pitchers. I like the white ventricosa, the hamata, lowii x campanulata and many more. You do a nice job with your plants.
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    Air Layer success - N. hamata

    Drew, No. If you copied my whole post then you see my answer to your question is already there. I gave my suggestion and I stand by it. Now let's get this back on topic. Again, elgecko, I look forward to seeing your results. Hopefully you'll have lots of cuttings. Could you please give us more...
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    Air Layer success - N. hamata

    I didn't say you ,RL7836 specifically make one. I said, if someone could make one. Anyone that has had experience doing so could make one and it is not plagiarizing. If I had the know how I could make one without a second thought. No, at the moment I will not be joining that board. One board...
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    Air Layer success - N. hamata

    Good luck with your hamata cuttings. Could someone post a tutorial here? It would be nice to see one on this forum without having to go to another site and have images that show up on the page. Even a well explained step by step guide would be appreciated.
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    FOR TRADE: Pasian Highlands Truncata

    Darn, would love another truncata but don't have any nepenthes I can trade you for. Just sarracenias.
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    Botanical Gardens in Washington DC is doing major carnivorous plant show

    Awesome. That would be fun to go there. I'd love to see the other displays.
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    CP Dreams?

    You know I think dreams that are just too good are worse than nightmares. I can usually become lucid in dreams and take control. So a cliche dream like being chased by a monster I realize it and can turn and kill the monster. But dreams where your fondest wishes come true and you don't know...
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    Thagirion's Nepenthes

    Thanks Whimgrinder and Mass. I'm glad you liked them.
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    Thagirion's Nepenthes

    Thanks Mike.
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    Nepenthes villosa refridgerateyology

    You talking to me Heli? That's just a tray to keep the moss from making a mess of my fridge. There's no water in it. I have a plant and bird sitter.
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    Thagirion's Nepenthes

    Another update with lots of new pics. N. x miranda basal cutting by Thagirion3, on Flickr A basal I took my miranda. N. merrilliana in tank by Thagirion3, on Flickr This is a merrilliana and I find it odd how it's whitish green whereas most of the others I've seen and my other one are pink...
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    Nepenthes villosa refridgerateyology

    Good Idea. I use a fridge too specifically for my highlanders. Here's mine with my hamata. Nepenthes Fridge by Thagirion3, on Flickr It's been working out great. I just wish it were a little deeper. Mine measures 50 degrees on the warmest setting.