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    New Nepenthes Dying

    The plants definitely do all of that.... in nature. Of course, the conditions and media we use to grow them are not the same. When you water from the top you tend get fungus, mold, crown rot, etc, etc. I'm not saying it can't be controlled, but most new growers don't have the experience or...
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    My new Nepenthes arrived.

    Thanks for the info. There are a few versions of Osmocote and I wasn't sure which to purchase. Much appreciated
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    New Nepenthes Dying

    just based off the picture and without any further information I notice there is a LOT of standing water on the leaves. If you get water on the crown (where new growth comes from) you can get that is known as crown rot. You don't want standing water on top of the plant. Also, you need to not...
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    New Nepenthes Dying

    pictures would be a big help, just use a site like imgur.com to post them Other than that, how are you watering them? How often? Are you fertilizing or feeding them anything? How are they getting light and how much?
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    My new Nepenthes arrived.

    Which version of the Osmocote are you using? I was already considering this since someone else I know has been using it successfully but I didn't know which to purchase.
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    Sarracenia lights

    Just realized I didn't answer your initial question. Oops! For perspective, my light only covers the size of a 55 gallon aquarium that I have indoors and that is about all the space it can handle (approx 36" wide, 20" deep and 30" tall". LED lighting is strong and works well, but in a limited...
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    Sarracenia lights

    All I can do is tell you what I've been using for almost 3 years now and how it has gone for me. I have a 36" long LED light that is 7k, 40w with built in 660nm red LED's as well. My lighting is approximately 18" above my plants and I have been growing nepenthes, butterworts, sundews and a...
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    A big Hello from 1yearflowers

    Either way it is on them. If they did it they know that. If they didn't, then they need to handle that problem. You did the right thing
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    CPs in the wild - Wharton State Forest - AKA Pine Barrens

    amazing pictures and it makes me wish I was on that trip with you. Thank you for sharing!
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    I have never experienced it personally *crosses fingers AND knocks on wood* so I only remember things I've read previously. Instead of telling you incorrectly I would suggest you Google-fu it or see if someone with better info on here can confidently tell you. When it comes to a CP getting bad...
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    For Sale Sundew Combo

    Just updating for anyone else that sees this. Plants arrived in good condition and well shipped. Happy with my purchase and I would purchase again.
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    Someone else can add in their thoughts, but my first instinct is crown rot. My second thought is possibly a bacterial infection of some sort. Are you top watering or bottom? I can see a lot of water sitting on the leaves and that typically isn't a good thing. Place your plants in a tray of...
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    Is this really a moorei?

    Glad to see they were willing to remedy the situation. I was about to add them to my "no buy" list, lol
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    Plant of the Month June 2019

    First ever flower on my Pinguicula Laueana
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