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    They get misted by a timer about a minute per day. Wish you could see the whole set up :-)
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    San Luis County, so it's perfect for them.
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    I started using them to shade my CPs from our direct Cali sun. Now the whole greenhouse looks like this :-)
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    Well it's not much, but given the difficulty of getting the thing even a half inch tall took a mighty effort :-) so anyway, my horticultural contribution to the season, except for the grinches out there :-) who might want to wait a few months before reading this thread :-) Frankincense comes...
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    Cute upper

    Another one I've lost the tag for. It's a small growing plant, but every year turns out lots of pretty pitchers.
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    Catapsis clump

    Here's a nice clump that's resulted from not messing with the plant after somewhere around 5 years.
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    ID, please

    Hi Tony!! It's been years!! That C. berteroniana you traded me has turned into about a dozen plants!! But I still don't see anything in the replies that fit my plant. I don't remember if I got them from M. tropicals, Westuba or someone else!!! Sorry for being a pain, but I'd like to get this...
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    ID, please

    alata, I doubt, but thanks. Vey slow growin, and keeps the red line and pale color. Has survived light frosts. A pain in the butt, but it's been 6 years growing in my greenhouse.
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    ID, please

    If I may, I'd like to ask for another ID. I got this plant years ago, and have lost the tag. Here are lower and upper pitchers. Grown Highland. ---------- Post added at 08:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:06 PM ---------- Upper:
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    Wistuba Helis

    Thanks much, I'll plan on taking close ups of the nectar spoons.
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    Wistuba Helis

    Hi, several years ago I bought several tissue culture Helis from Wistuba, and the tags have been lost. I would be grateful if anyone could help me with IDing them. Thanks in advance. 1: 2:
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    Wow! new genus in papua new guinea?

    Thank you Tamlin. I was alerted to this thread this morning, and while posting private emails is considered bad form, some good may come out of it. Fatboy and I have been exchanging very exiting emails, and I feel strongly that something interesting may happen by early next year. He realizes...
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    Now we know what happend to the dinosaurs
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    Ultra hardy heat resistant super dews?

    My greenhouse gets to 100, and my capensis, binata in all forms, filiformis, scorpiodies and everything else do very well. Drosera don't to this layman seem to mind radical temperature drops as much as Lowland Neps. Even my Sars are munching out so much on bugs that some of the tubes smell...