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    Pitchers not opening??

    Thank's for the response! There hasn't been any really drastic fluctuations or changes to their way of life aside from the seasons changing, It doesn't look like the tops are really damaged, aside from being brown & Not forming, maybe they got dried out or weren't getting nutrients?? I'm not too...
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    Pitchers not opening??

    This has never happened to me before either XD nothing really has changed aside from the seasons, My apartment isn't very humid because i keep the sliding glass door open most of the time & the fans on. It does get pretty warm in here, However I live in BC Canada, So it shouldn't be too warm for...
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    Pitchers not opening??

    Hey guys so my little pitcher plant is really confusing me. It has started trying to grow 2 pitchers & the bottoms of them are forming but the top isnt opening?? Its brown and just like it didnt form, so they are just turning into little green balloons. My big pitcher plant is growing leaves...
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    General Questions/ Pitcher checkup

    Oh they are the same plant??? That's cool!! I will probably leave them alone then, I have another seperate pitcher plant, hes still pretty small though. Im still a complete noob at these guys, but they never cease to amaze me! I have the basics down :Indirect sunlight : Distilled or rain water...
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    General Questions/ Pitcher checkup

    It's starting to dry out pretty quickly so I might just do that! I have a bigger pot ready to go for it, just been waiting because my aunt kept telling me its happy leave it alone XD When i Repotted it I made up a mixture of sphagnum moss / peat moss / sand / perilite, Not sure of the exact...
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    General Questions/ Pitcher checkup

    Hey guys! I havent posted here in about a year, since i got my pitcher plant in April last year actually because i couldnt get into my account. I repotted My pitcher plant right before christmas, and it just started growing like absolute mad!! [No pitchers, yet but giant leaves] It started...
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    New to growing with very little information. Excited to be here!

    Looking at pictures of N. Sanguinea on Google and some of the baby plants on there look very similar to my plant, I guess only time will truly tell :) Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
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    New to growing with very little information. Excited to be here!

    Thanks for the tip! I had no idea they could eat blood worms, my plant seems to be doing fine at catching it's own bugs but I'm sure in the winter that will be less and less. I also have a bearded dragon, are the crickets I feed her okay for a once in a while feeding if my plant isnt catching...
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    New to growing with very little information. Excited to be here!

    Thank you for your quick response! I dont usually keep my plants outside I just put them outside for a few minutes to take some pictures, they get indirect sunlight all day in the window sill I keep them in :) Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk