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    Favorite Beer?

    My favorite beer is free beer! If I had to go out and buy beer it would be an pale ale.
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    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread

    Roger Allen Wade - BB Gun
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    I can not press the mouse button fast enough.
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    What a Sad Day...Tech shooting

    What a horrible lost. Only a sick, sick, person would ever do that. I heard about the news at Michigan Technology University. People wrote on the street with chalk "We are all Virginia Tech Hokies". I am definitely a Hokie, that is a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people and...
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    A member long withdrawn

    O'man I remember those days of Spec and Ozzy...it was classic if you were not a mod. Not saying I encourage that but it was funny LOL. Good to see you back spec73.
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    Dave Ramsey

    I have been on his plan for about 8 months. I think he is great. He talks about money (getting out of debt, life insurance, retirement, donatating, paying for a house) and life. Although I never had debt (except 2 car loans) I felt like I needed a plan. Any who, just wondering if any one knows...
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    I Smell...

    I think we could stop global warming if we all took Bean-o. I am not a global warming kind for person. History proves that. Though, I do believe we need to change our ways. The hole in the ozone is not getting any smaller.
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    New NEWS for the New Year!

    Congrats Andrew! I am sure you will do a great job keeping up Terra Forums. You are techno kinda of person so should be fun. Phil did a great job here. Phil and "the forums" have changed a lot of lives.
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    I'm Sick!

    You should really get that checked out. Although I am sure I would not get it checked out if I were in your shoes. Of course if I were in your shoes, I would be running away from you...
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    That would turn Ollie wild. Watch out! Then you would need to have the Dog Whisper come over and fix poor Ollie.
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    I did not get much. I have two Christmas's. Mostly got clothing *joy * and a flashlight you need to crank *pretty cool*. I was getting money from my grandma but she forgot to give it. Too late now...Why can't I ever get shotgun shells, turkey calls, or gloves? Sorry if I sound like a spoiled...
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    Today is...SUN RETURN!

    Nice job. Is that the same one from last year?
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    If you put salt on any tail of a wild animal it becomes tame. It will be your buddy for life...that is what my sister told me when I was young.
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    Merry Christmas!

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    As usually I am never around to wish Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, Happy Thanksgiving, 4rth of July, and all those other holidays. So for the people that celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! I will be gone up north for a while.