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    Carnivorous Plants

    Hey, I wanted to thank everyone who agreed to donate S. purpurea pitchers or rent their plants to me. I still have room for more pitchers or plants. Since offering to pay for shipping does not seem to be enough to motivate a large proportion of the Carnivorous Plant community to help solve one...
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    Carnivorous Plants

    Hey Everyone, I would first like to apologize if you are receiving this email twice or are receiving this email although you do not want it. I am trying to reach the members of the Carnivorous Plant Community that care to know whether Sarracenia purpurea in all its varieties and locations...
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    S purpurea

    Hey Everyone, As you may know I am doing an experiment concerning the nature of S. purpurea (specifically whether or not it makes it's own digestive enzymes or bacteria make the digestive enzymes). I am soliciting for unopened pitchers to conduct this experiment. As you all probably know the...
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    Bumper stickers that catch your attention

    oh! speaking of bush... who was it who said it here? tre? bushes are nature's urinals yep that was me. I live in hick town since almost everyone around (aka everyone brave enough to drive 55 or over) has a black (or maybe they used to be colored but have since become so grimy or...
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    Big box nursery cp ids

    I don't remember what one it is but a nursery that TCs in FLA has rubra ssp jonseii
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    Harry potter book number 6

    IT was fairly good. For those of you who did not read it in 6 hours (aka 12 noon the next day) I will not say names. I found the forshadowing quite horrible as to who would die in this book. It was sort of obvious once you got to Harry in the summer time. This book was decent but the only...
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    U. tridentata

    No I bloomed tridentata. Outside makes the utrics like to bloom I think. I hope my tricolor will bloom it has a couple stalks also.
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    Genetics dna on pbshd.  genetically altered plant

    Well This should interest you Travis. I was reading some studies (probibly in Nature) that were saying how it is human nature to condemn anything you don't understand. I'd say it explains a lot.
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    What happened to my d. indica ?

    Drosera guy mine seemed to just go down hill after feeding ( ironically). I hope some of mine make it but they seem to be suffering
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    Ap test results

    Nice. Are you taking any next year?
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    That's horrible
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    U. tridentata

    The fourth Utric I have gottn to bloom. It is blooming (I think) b/c the water level is receding.
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    Hurrricane dennis

    kind of gusty here and lots of rain. That's it here. It is really quite horrible though Dennis came on land at Santa Rosa Island which holds Navarre (my aunts house) on the East and Pensacola BEach on the West end. IT came smak dab in the middle of the Island (which is only 2 blocks wide and...
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    Terrorist attack

    Well western civilizations could make there own terror network. (And I don't mean a show featuring Martha Stewart). I think then we could have a totally miserable time.