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    Ant plant

    I grow one. I started it from seed that Joel gave me. I've found it to be very easy. Mine is currently in a peat and perlite mix (50:50)
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    New phrags

    Okay thanks people. Tristan-
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    New phrags

    Hello, I'm getting a Phrag China Dragon ,and a Phrag Grande. I think both of them can be found with google. Thanks, Tristan
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    New phrags

    Hello,  I'm buying two phrags today and I'd like your advice on them.  I already know the basics. Tristan-
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    Barnes and noble

    Oh, a good orchid book is "Orchids and their Conservation" by Harold Koopowitz. Its about $40, but well worth it.
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    Nepenthes cuttings

    Okay I think I'll try that. Tristan
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    Nepenthes cuttings

    Hello peoples,  I currently have one N.ventricosa x maxima ( kindly provided by ludwig) and it has produced an off shoot so I want to take a cutting.  I wanted to know if I could use just perlit with just a little peat, so like a 6:1. Thanks, Tristan
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    "cyber plants"

    How much soil is there in the bag and what is it made/composed of?
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    Dead beat traders list updated.

    Are dead beat was also the person who recieved a huge N. thorelii x truncata!
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    Ventricosaxmaxima photos

    I grow mine ( the one I got from Ludwig ) in peat moss, sand, orchid bark and perlite. I let it dry out until its just damp before watering and it has plenty of pitcher buds.
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    P. ionantha

    All this year, one after another!
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    P. ionantha

    My plant is sending up its 11th flower. Its seeds are going to a lot of people. ( and it looks like Tamlin is next in line) Can any one break my record?
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    Nepenthes carnivorous abilities seen in action

    Still more ants are coming and meeting there end.
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    Nepenthes carnivorous abilities seen in action

    Its already caught 4 more. hehehe