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    The 30's are coming!

    D. adelae, i'd bring in. Dunnno much about bromeliads. Take them in just to be safe.
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    Does anyone remember?

    Remember when girls had cooties?
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    Dogs savage gator

    OH THE BRUTALITY! Oh my god it's horrible! I can't watch any longer! OH MY GOD! lol. EDIT: OOPS! I already posted in this thread! Someone delete this post.
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    Crash! crash! hire!

    Ouch, poor sister! I'm glad she's okay! Nice that you're gettin' a job, Noah. How have you been lately. I've been gone a while, and i don't know if you got the mystery ailment solved or not.
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    Washed sand?

    3 times for good measure, or until sand is clear. Is it just me, or does this sound like cooking instructions?
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    It MAY take some time to adjust, and it MAY look like poop for a while until it does, but it's generally hardy enough to survive. GOOD LUCK!
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    My highland greenhouse photo tour

    *struggles to find jaw that fell on the floor somewhere* *finds it* *screws it back on* Amazing. Totally amazing. I LOVE your macrophylla!
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    Do you play music cds on your computer?

    Yeah, i heard about that from ABSforums. Newest news is that they're temporarily stopped the XCP because comptuer-savvy people were ruining their computers by removing it.
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    You know you're asian if...

    I'm most of those, but i'm white.
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    Dogs savage gator

    Lunch! SWEET! *dives in for a bite*
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    Where are you...

    Remember good ole John? He lives down in Monterrey. He's been behaving lately though, but he seems to have stopped growing.
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    Fruity flys

    The plants themselves should attract the buggers of their own accord. Just sit back and watch the show.
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    Maybe i can transplant a Utric or two to each pot to keep the population down?
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    Where are you...

    I'm lost in music somewhere, and i can't find my way out! I'm at my computer silly. But seriusly, i'm in Los Gatos, California.
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    Iono how they get there. They're just are. That's where the CPs come in...