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    Trying to set up a 10 gallon terrarium

    My experience with plexiglass as lids for high-humidity terrariums (for poison dart frogs) is that they warp in a matter of weeks. Did you do anything special to avoid that, Zath? In the end, I went with making something like this, and it's worked great. Good luck! Hope this helps. -CJ
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    ....and Porches...

    I love your pygmy sundews. Such great color!
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    Nepenthes robcantleyi (formerly known as Black Truncata)

    A bit late to the party, but I'll post anyway. This is the first pitcher it's put out in a while for me, with another on the way. It's a bit darker now that in these pictures. Thanks for looking
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    My Nepenthes

    Talk about breathtaking! Superb! Why on earth haven't you been posting pictures of these beautiful plants for years!?
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    A Nobile-type Dendrobium hybrid:
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    Nepenthes (merrilliana x truncata) x vetchii 'Caesarion'

    Wow Biozest, you might win the "most colorful" award in this hybrid!
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    Nepenthes (merrilliana x truncata) x vetchii 'Caesarion'

    Wow, Ambanja, when you put it like that... it's hard to tell which is better! Plant A absolutely has that wicked tall peristome seen in the parent N. vetchii- I have to admit that I'm a fan!
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    How close am I to a D. capensis cultivar?

    You might be close enough to call it, by why should you stop breeding? Keep it up! See how pronounced/stable you can get these traits!!
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    Nepenthes (merrilliana x truncata) x vetchii 'Caesarion'

    How do the pitchers look once they've matured a bit? Do yours ever get darker? Divaskid, are those two grown in the same conditions? Im amazed that one has spots and the other doesn't. I really hope mine gets spots....
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    Nepenthes (merrilliana x truncata) x vetchii 'Caesarion'

    My little guy is finally settled in enough to make it's first pitcher for me, and I wanted to share. I was talking to some professionals, and they seemed to think that this hybrid is destined to be lack-luster. Sure, it's parent, 'Caesar' was enormous in the pitcher department, but was...
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    Show Me Your N. aristolochioides Hybrids!

    Newest pitcher on my N. (spectrabilis x ventricosa) x aristolochiodies: Slightly less tubby than the last, I hope the slimming trend doesnt continue!!
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    Show Me Your N. aristolochioides Hybrids!

    Thanks! I love the tubby pitchers. I looked through every plant they had of this cross at the store to pick out the tubbiest.
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    Show Me Your N. aristolochioides Hybrids!

    I, too, have a N. (spectrabilis x ventricosa) x aristolochiodies, though mine seems to be a bit more tubby looking than those posted previously. This is one of the most recent pitchers it has made for me (my apologies for the crummy cell-phone pic. I haven't used my real camera to take pictures...
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    Opinions on apothecary jar terrariums

    Assuming these are grown inside, it would require a lot of extra attention to bring the Sarracenia containing jars through the necessary dormancy. The mexican ping could probably do alright if you opened it for feeding and the like occasionally.
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    What is that on my Nepenthes ?

    It looks like a bunch of the little moss that grows all over my peat-based mixes, only this stuff got fried by strong light.