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  • Sounds good. But I would want to wait until I check how my lights do, and for you to be able to strike some more, just in case... And mine currently has no roots.
    yup, i love to share , and i dont have it (moranensis) of any king, so thats cool I feel pretty confident that i can grow plenty more gpys.
    Seriously? I'll see if I have anything else(not at home) cause it's so common and gyps is so... not.
    i dont have a moranensis or any of its hybrids, that would be a good trade , your leaf pull ? moranensis ? for my nicer size leaf pull gypsicola .
    You don't have a moranensis or moranensis hybrid? I have at least 3 of those, And a leaf pulling, will try more leaf pullings. It's a hybrid, but sold originally as moranensis, but is not. If that makes sense.
    OK, so I guess my T8 32W double tube puts out more light than a T12 40W? Then Im super happy!
    thats cool, i just got another t-5 HO, two foot from htg supply , it has doubled twin tubes so it has the same lumen output as a four foot unit, it packs a lot of light in a very small space.
    I would say to wait a few days though, just got a light installed yesterday and waiting to see if it works for pings. If it works, I'll see what I have for you. if not, I'll move my plants 1 inch closer to the light per week till I find something good, my dad said he'll build me some sort of support.
    That's understandible.
    Ill need to find something to trade!
    suer possibly , though ive just started the two one can be yours ,i want to keep one for me but it was so simple ill be starting more
    I see you have a P. Gypsicola leaf pullings. Will any be for trade?
    hey jimmy, sorry i havent gotten around to sending the sase for the regular capensis seeds, ill get too it within the next day or so. havent had internet for a week or so.
    Hey Jim. I'm actually in the process of recovering my albo nep. Not sure if its gonna make it. I seemed to have used the wrong media, the soil was not airy enough and seemed to have rotted its roots. This may be the second albo that I failed at. I also have a northiana that has seized growth indicating the same problem. I need to repot that as well, in a mostly perlite medium oddly enough in my opinion. If rescue of both is a success I will send some pics your way. Now its just a waiting game. As far as my winterizing, my outdoor plants are still outside, I think though its time they come in. Definintely been cold enough for them these past 2 weeks....
    good point jimmy. Being my first winter I'm not sure what I'll do but I think I'll store them there for now and in late Feb early March depending on temperatures I will bring them back outside to naturally adjust. I think that would be the most natural transition aside from leaving them be outside through the seasons
    don't know about you attic, just make sure it doesnt get too warm in the very early spring, don't want them to break dormancy too soon, but other than that it should do great .
    mayby one of those remote temp devices with the transmitter near the plants, and reciever near your every day hot spot in the house, say next to the coffee.
    Mine stay out of sun also, on the north side of the house to help with over heating issues
    I see you put that pot away for the winter jim? Cool, kinda helps me with what exactly is done for dormancy with this being my first winter growing CP's. I'm going to wait it out another 2-3 weeks and then probably snip em down and store my containers in the attic...
    Sure, start by going to the "growlist" thread in "general discussions".
    Start a thread titled "Jimmy Conner's growlist" or something similar".
    In the message just type in a list of all your plants.
    When finished click "post message" then look it over and make sure you have everything right.
    Then while looking at your finished post look at the top of your browser and highlight the URL path, right click and "copy" it.
    Next go into "User CP" and create a signature. When you get to the place where you can enter the text for your signature, right click then "paste" and the URL path for your growlist will appear.
    Finalize your signature and your set.
    Let me know if you have any trouble.
    Hi jimmy...You mean my viking seedlings??? Anyways i dun feed them in anyway..no ferts nothing...Just let them grow.. :) maintainence free
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