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    What is your largest nep?

    My largest Nep is an N. coccinea. It has several growing points and a leaf span of about a foot and a half with forty some odd pitchers.
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    D muscipula, where did you get your D. prolifera. I have been looking for one for a while. Thnx
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    Neph from lowes

    That is N x coccinea.
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    Mosquito larva

    Ummm..... I did some looking and I didnt find it for retail. Try emailing some nurseries and before I'd do that try asking to trade on the Trading post or the Utricularia forum.
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    Mosquito larva

    Your Sarracenia pot would have to be massive for U. vulgaris. Maybe U. volubilis.
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    Mosquito larva

    Buckmaster, you could buy an aquatic badderwort. The species of misquito will determine the size and species of bladderwort you need to get. The bigger the mosquito larva, the bigger trap you need to catch it.
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    Plastic terrariums

    I think I know what your getting at. Plastic is a perfect material. It is cheap and easy to work with. Are you wanting to build one out of hard plastic or plastic sheeting on a role. Often in terrariums water builds up in the bottum from watering and high humidity, and has to be removed. If you...
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    The one nep terrarium

    How do you cool your terrariums?
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    Two questions

    (1) For the cephalotus you could place a shade cloth over it. (2)By "normal" I assume you mean "incandescent," and most people will tell you absolutely NO, but I have played with the idea myself and I grew 3 large and healthy VFT's under one, with excellent coloration to the traps. I did have...
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    Which ones have uppers

    N. gracilis produces upper pitchers, but they arent much different from the lower pitchers, just bigger and more slender. N. ampullaria, often doesnt have any pitchers coming of its leaves when its vine gets longer, though it does, rarely, produce an odd shaped upper pitcher though.
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    Another one to id

    I have an N. mixta that looks identical to yours. Though there are several hybids with N. alata that look very similar t oyour plant. It will be easier to tell when it gets larger.
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    What is the biggest nepenthes?

    Bicalcurata is probably the biggest Nepenthes. It can become massize. Veitchii can climb vertical tree trunks to great heights though. N. lowi and its hybrids can also become very large.
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    Another one to guess

    Looks like the N. lowii on Joachim's webpage, lol.
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    Snow storm

    Tncpcollector, where do ou live in middle TN, I live in Clarksville.
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    Best place to get nepenthus's

    Petflytrap is an excellent place to get several easy Nepenthes, and they probably have more if you ask, if you live in the US.