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    Genlisea subglabra

    It should be fine, I've noticed that Genlisea flowers vary a fair bit in how dark/pale they are depending on growing conditions, how old the flower is, etc. You could try higher light / more airflow / lower temps for darker colors; at least that seems to correlate for my plants.
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    Utricularia Help please!

    Well, I'd argue that having the water table at or just under soil level is actually rather variable depending on the mixture, the species, and whether or not the plant is recovering at the moment. U. warburgii will survive just fine as long as the water (and air humidity) is high enough for it...
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    Non-Carnivorous Tepui Plants?

    If you want to order from foreign nurseries I remember there were one or two that supplied Stegolepis sp.. Beyond that, I'm curious to know about companion plants too.
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    Sick Drosera (with photo)

    1:1 ratio of peat moss and some sort of aggregate (perlite or sand) should work. If you can't find any fertilizer-free peat moss and perlite you can also just put it in long-fiber sphagnum moss.
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    Utricularia quelchii question

    I second what Tanukimo and Swagalotus have said, not really a good idea to try growing U. quelchii in water. It can rot if you keep it too wet. U. humboldtii or U. nelumbifolia (both of which naturally grow only in bromeliads) are much better choices. Honestly I wouldn't ever submerge anything...
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    U. Sandersonii White

    Hmm, so that explains why it's so reluctant to flower!
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    U. Sandersonii White

    I actually bought U. sandersonii from you a while back - was that the blue form? If it isn't and you just got rid of all your U. sandersonii or something like that I can send you a plug for postage.
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    U. resupinata cultivation

    It was in peat/sand. In the wild it actually grows as sort of an aquatic in the sludgy stuff at the edges of ponds and such.
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    U. resupinata cultivation

    I tried it as a semi-aquatic but mine also died lol. Guess I'll just have to try again.
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    help!! need growing conditions for drosera rubrifolia

    You can also try taking one or two healthy roots (if you can find them) and laying them on some wet live sphagnum in brightly lit, cool, humid conditions. I haven't grown D. rubrifolia, but in my experience roots resprout a bit faster this way since they have exposure to light, and they don't...
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    help!! need growing conditions for drosera rubrifolia

    Did you toss the pot already? Sometimes the crown will die but the roots are still alive, and may resprout later.
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    Nepenthes import information

    Last time I called USDA the person who actually signs off the permits told me CITES permits are needed for all Nepenthes.
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    ScatterPants Mexican Pinguicula

    Nice plants! The P. primuliflora on the rock is really interesting. Just as a note on P. emarginata - in my experience they only make those sort of shorter "crinkly" leaves like in your picture when they're too dry. They should generally have more oval-ish or spatula shaped leaves. This species...
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    Nepenthes cuttings giveaway

    Yeah, I concur with Benurmanii, that is almost certainly an N. x ventrata and not N. alata. You can see the influence of the N. ventricosa parent in the red color and tubbier pitchers than would be expected from N. alata. It's a very good plant if you're growing Nepenthes or even CPs for the...
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    New Member, Starting terrarium fairy garden with daughter to interest her in plants

    Welcome to TF! :welcome: Sounds like you've got a really interesting project on your hands! I think it's really great that your daughter's so interested - today's curious minds are the next generation's researchers and conservationists. If I might suggest something for the fairy garden...