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  1. Werdna

    Heliamphora seed pod development

    My H. heterodoxa x ionasi is developing a seed pod but I recently rearranged my grow shelf and the inflorescence is no longer receiving much light (the pitchers are still getting plenty) and I'm concerned that the low light might negatively impact seed pod development. Does anyone know if...
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  4. Werdna

    Genlisea aurea and margaretae for Research

    I am working with a researcher at the University of Arizona who is studying carnivorous plant genomes. He is particularly interested in plants with the smallest genomes and Genlisea aurea and margaretae are at the top of his list. It is difficult to obtain much test material because these plants...
  5. Werdna

    Heli heterodoxa x minor division/s

    I'll throw my name in. Thank you for such a generous offer!
  6. Werdna

    D. Capensis 'all red' seeds for SASE

    Sorry eciton, I have to pull you from the list because you recieved seeds in my last SASE giveaway. Feel free to sign up next time though. 1. James H-Thank you 2. dashman thank you. gave all mine away, now I miss them. 3. TheFury 4.JB_orchidguy thank you very much. 5. saturniid thanks for...
  7. Werdna

    D. Capensis 'all red' seeds for SASE

    I've got 11 packets of 50 to 100 D. capensis 'all red' seeds avaliable for SASE. This offer is open to any U.S. resident that didn't get in on my last SASE offer. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  8. Werdna

    Nepenthes Thorelli x ? giveaway

    As soon as you said college I knew it had to be Saint Regis! Thank you for the cutting!
  9. Werdna

    Nepenthes Thorelli x ? giveaway

    Saint regis lake
  10. Werdna

    Nepenthes Giveaway Grab bag

    Throw me into the hat too! Thank you for the generous offer!
  11. Werdna

    D. nidiformis seeds for SASE or trade

    I recieved 2 SASEs yesterday to be sent out today. I'm pretty sure one of them was from jht-union (thanks for the intermedia seeds btw), but I'm not sure who sent the other one because I only know you by your forum names. If David A. could post here or send me a PM it would help me to keep track...
  12. Werdna

    U. gibba for postage

    I'll take some too. Thank you!
  13. Werdna

    Thank you for the compliment. It took a lot of work to get it to where it is. If you ever want...

    Thank you for the compliment. It took a lot of work to get it to where it is. If you ever want seeds or cuttings let me know. Right now I've got a few extra nidiformis seed pods, probably a million capensis seeds and I can always make binata cuttings. I could probably even take a tricolor plug...