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  1. Whimgrinder

    Lowe’s Nepenthes

    It’s Ventrata.
  2. Whimgrinder

    Thrips and mites

    Don't waste your time on "natural remedies" when dealing with Thrips and Mites - these are stubborn pests that require serious measures to eliminate. Imidacloprid is very effective on Thrips, but I would do a second treatment with Talstar Pro 10-14 days later as well. You won't get 100%...
  3. Whimgrinder

    Gimmie-Gimmie sydrome

    Sounds like he/she was a bit too young to be dealing with adults on a public forum, so its probably in the kid's best interest to take a step back till he/she is a bit less green.
  4. Whimgrinder

    S. leucophylla 'Splinter Hill' X 'Adrian Slack'.

    No. I am not going to waste my time (and yours) by sorting and packing up dozens of worthless hybrid seedlings to send you. I'm saving you from yourself.
  5. Whimgrinder

    Give Away For Active Members A Vesicolusa!

    "Accidentally"?? You just told Andrew this: "I purge all of my private messages twice a day." That sounds fully intentional to me.
  6. Whimgrinder

    Gimmie-Gimmie sydrome

    This sounds like a manufactured drama to me. Proof or it didn't happen.
  7. Whimgrinder

    S. leucophylla 'Splinter Hill' X 'Adrian Slack'.

    I've raised enough 'Adrian Slack' seedlings to know that its not a great breeder, but if you grow enough seedlings, you will find one or two that are worth keeping.
  8. Whimgrinder

    S. leucophylla 'Splinter Hill' X 'Adrian Slack'.

    No, sorry. This is a 5 year old seedling and is nowhere near big enough to divide yet. In fact, I am not in the habit of dividing plants until they are multi-lead specimen size, so it could be many years before I take pieces off this.
  9. Whimgrinder

    What to expect when you get seeds from fleabay

    Jeremiah is a different league of grower and his trustworthiness is beyond scrutiny. This thread is about eBay seed sellers. I think it would be best to segregate discussion of plants sourced from Mr. Harris to its own thread.
  10. Whimgrinder

    What to expect when you get seeds from fleabay

    Exactly. What really annoys me is that people give these sellers great reviews, when in fact all they are giving feedback for is the SERVICE, not the PRODUCT. I'm sure many buyers wouldn't be in such a hurry to put their stamp of approval on these sellers if they knew many (most?) of their seed...
  11. Whimgrinder

    What to expect when you get seeds from fleabay

    Is yours the plant from Jeremiah that sold for $156 a few days ago?
  12. Whimgrinder

    What to expect when you get seeds from fleabay

    “It is probably a good thing in a different way if we get bogus seeds.” I fail to see how funding an intentionally fraudulent seller is in any way “a good thing”. Rewarding a dishonest merchant for deceptive practices will only perpetuate the practice, so in effect you are encouraging the sale...
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