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  • Yea i have them under a small palm my mom has in the front yard so around 8am-1pm they're getting shaded sun and then from 1-dusk their getting full sun. yea i know what your saying about the dryness it sucks. luckily i gathered around 12 gallons of rain water when it was pouring so i still have about 4 gallons left (had to wash some media).
    Hey, That sounds great especially with the miranda, my ventricosa is developing more colorful pitchers and bigger ones as well no where near 14 inches but around an inch and a half. Vft had a couple burned leaves the other day, the place where i had them i didnt notice recieved full sun for 3 hours of the day, apparently mine didnt do well to that but slowly recovering, since moving them outside they are throwing out bigger traps and one of the vft's did "false vivapry" so thats pretty cool looking. cape sundews are trucking along and i just got some d.roseana and d.scorpiodes which are recovering from usps transport. venusta seeds just got sown and waiting to germinate. lol. thats about it tho. so in total

    N. ventricosa
    D.capensis 'alba'
    D.venusta (seeds)
    Dionea 'typical'

    When it got cold, I did have to bring in the Neps (esp when it was down in the 40s for several days). However, the Sarracenias were kept outside since they come from areas with cold winters. N,.
    Hi Javier. Living in South Florida, I have learned that my skill lies with Nepenthes (the tropical pitcher plants). Since we live in a somewhat "lowland" environment, the lowlanders or the intermediates appear to be growing the best for me. I keep my plants outside in slightly shady conditions (really part sun/part shade). Neps do great in thunderstorms and I think overall, they enjoy the storms because its very much like their home in Borneo, Sumtra, etc. If you want a Nep, I recommend the intermediates or lowlanders. I am also growing some Sarracenias and they do well in full sun, provided you keep their pots in water. Please feel free to email me with any further questions!! Nick (wickmo@aol.com)
    hi i also am located in south florida, (north lauderdale, about 20 minutes from the sawgrass mall). i just got into cp's due to my cousins insisting on me getting one. now he just started and actually has a plant. i on the other hand am trying to find out as much as i can about plant care and what to expect and especially what to do when a heavy-moderate thunderstorm and winter rolls around. if its not to much of a hassle id love if you could give me some suggestions on what type to get and also how to care for them in the highly unpredictible weather we experience here. ie: the unusually long winter we had this year or past year...however you look at it. thanks again.

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