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  • I have sprouts on the flasked seeds...yay! I also have about half of what you sent stratifying as of our last communication. Will keep an eye on germ rates in both. Must have been very fresh seed to sprout w/out strat time! Thanks again Wire, and I hope to pay it forward soon!
    Thanks I'll give it a try. So the seeds will tolerate the freeze pretty well?....What are my chances with plants out-doors for an iowa winter in say a bog environment?
    So far I have only flasked what amounted to be about a dozen seeds in a 2 oz. container half filled w/ distilled. Instant gratification freak in me is always up for an experiment.
    Can you recommend any good techniques? I havn't had much luck in the stratification business so far.
    Thanks Wire! Recieved cap. seeds today. I'm going to sow a few right away and cross my fingers:water:. Much appreciated and hope to return the favor someday!
    Hey if you still have any drosera venusta seeds left I would be ecstatic if you could send me some.
    yes sir. I sent them in the day or so after the giveaway. I just thought you were going to get to it sooner or later. :lol: I can send another in if they are still available. Never had that happen before!
    They did! I received them on Saturday (5/12/12) and put them in soil as soon as they got here. I posted on the benefit thread that I received them. I was amazed to discover how long the roots were on these plants. How big were they before you cut them off? Also, whats the secret to such a happy root system? So far the "Reedy Creeks" are looking very happy and enjoying lots of sun with all the other Sarracenia. I am hopefully going to be posting photos of my collection soon. Keep an eye out for it and let me know what you think.
    The mag is Battlehelm.com I wrote content in the printed edition when it was distributed worldwide by the Tower Records chain & their affliates but once they went out of business and we went online I pretty much became just the coordinator for the other writers. I had gotten to interview & feature all my fave bands still alive from when I was an 1980s kid so I guess I was fulfilled with the interviewing and stuff myself. Mostly it's the UK and Swedish guy doing the interviews and reviews now. I'm just the daddy warbucks now and doing other activities like concentrating on art & writing.
    Unfortunately he's pretty much done for. He was diagnosed last year with the same heart condition & had emergency bipass surgery that finally killed man old man and the father of one of my mags writers. King doesn't plan a return to the stage but I suppose he might do some guest appearances and maybe some studio work? Hard to sing like that if you can't breathe... :(

    I'm happy I got to interview him twice, really nice guy, we were chatting so long the record label broke in on our conversation and said they weren't gonna pay anymore so we had to hang up. It's cool when bands are not total as ses, I've dealt with all kinds... The older "bigger" bands are always the most gracious compared to the younger snots... LOL
    LOL Yes it's King!
    From the cover of the No Presents for Christmas single, I thought it was a good avatar for the Xmas season. They must be the silliest lyrics he ever wrote but somehow the song still works. :D
    Nothing yet but I'll give it a couple more weeks before throwing it out
    Thanks for the offer though
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