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    I feel sooo guilty

    I, too, was also more interested in species rather than hybrids when I first started the hobby. However, I always found it difficult/expensive to develop a large collection of pure species - many were unavailable, expensive, or hard to locate in general - plus many seemed to require more...
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    New indoor grow tent set up

    I've got a setup almost exactly like this that I need to do a thread on. I'll get to making it at some point. I love my tent! I've got mine more tuned for an intermediate setup, however. I live in Vegas - and I don't use portable AC - so I have to use a DIY swamp cooler to drop temps from a max...
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    Nepenthes odd growth

    My plants did this once when I over-fertilized. I got lazy after a coffee dose and forgot to flush a few pots. The new growth was very wavy and veiny, like the third picture. I didn't lose any plants, but the affected ones put out several deformed leaves before returning to normal. Could this...
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    Nepenthes sp 'philippines' ID?

    I'm inclined to think it might be N. philippinensis. I've got about 12 hybrids with mirabilis in them and every single one of them has fuzzy leaf margins, except this one. I thought that was a trademark of the species? I do need to get some more mature pitchers out of it, so I'll have to post...
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    Nepenthes sp 'philippines' ID?

    Double posted accidently off my phone. Here's another shot: <img src="//i.imgur.com/07SQ8Yq.jpg" alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" />
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    Nepenthes sp 'philippines' ID?

    It is a fairly young plant. Here is a reference shot of the whole thing. Sorry, the growing area is a bit cluttered: <img src="//i.imgur.com/aiKfIua.jpg" alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /> Its interesting to note that the green pitcher that looks like it just opened is actually the first...
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    Pitcher of the Month April 2015

    My contribution to this month, and a plant I've honestly yet to see on the site, N 'Morganiana' <img src="//i.imgur.com/siHggUI.jpg" alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /> <img src="//i.imgur.com/Hn8cPfB.jpg" alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" />
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    Nepenthes sp 'philippines' ID?

    I received a plant labelled N sp. 'philippines' from Bruce Bednar a few months ago now. Its thrown out a few pitchers, the first of which was pretty deformed while it established itself to my growing conditions. Its now opened its third good one under my care, so I am starting to look for an ID...
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    Pitcher of the Month April 2015

    Lookin' good Paul!
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    Dying End of Nepenthes Vine

    I think he is describing that the oldest vine is something like a "rosette-on-a-stick" and it probably has a healthy basal coming from the base. I inherited some plants that looked like that, because the owner got disenchanted with the hobby and started other projects. The plants weren't...