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Thread: Pretty Weeds

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    Pretty Weeds

    I figured I'd post a pic of some of the "pretty weeds" that flourish in my bogs, the containers and the in-ground. The red one in the center came as a hitchhiker with a Sarr from Meadowview a few years back. It gets small 5 petal yellow flowers in the summer and turns scarlet in the fall. The orange ones flanking it were collected in Corolla NC, growing emersed in a pond that a friend's vacation house it situated on. They get tiny white flowers in the summer and turn orange in the fall. Although they do very well and look good in my acidic bog soil, the fall color in the undoubtedly alkaline soil they were collected in is stunning. Think hunter safety orange. I finally have enough to play around a bit and plan on putting some in an alkaline container I'm setting up soon. If anyone has an idea regarding id on either plant it would be greatly appreciated!
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