NASC Meeting Minutes of 01/28/05

Copper - Rose Witt
Ozzy- Mark Todd
Laura Laura Towner
SarrObsessed Brooks Garcia
PDX - Jeff Kuncle
Noah Noah Elhardt

Copper chaired the meeting.


Nominations were taken. Laura Towner nominated Bugweed (Steve Miller) and Mark Todd seconded the nomination. A vote was taken and Bugweed was elected president of the NASC.

Vice President-

There was discussion and it was decided that the earlier vote would stand and Copper would remain as Vice President.


Laura Towner nominated Suzann Hedderly (Plantakiss) for the position of secretary. Rose Witt seconded. A vote was taken and Hedderly was elected to the position. Hedderly has excepted the position.


There was discussion on who to nominate for the Treasurer. Mark Todd volunteered his services to this position. He was nominates and Brooks Garcia seconded. A vote was taken and Todd was elected to the position.

Officers are as follows; (in forum names for recognition purposes)

President Bugweed
Vice President - Copper
Secretary - Plantakiss
Treasurer - Ozzy

PDX (Jeff) offered to purchase an account program for the use of the NASC. Thank you PDX.

Inventory Committee

There was discussion of an inventory committee. This committee will have a couple of jobs, but the first and most important is the creation of a list of plants (useable for our needs) now held by growers. There was a vote and the committee was created. There was discussion on the committees complete job and if other committees needed to be created to assist. The discussion was tabled. There was further discussion of asking David (Schloaty) to head the committee.

PR committee

Laura Towner nominated Noah Elhardt for the head of the PR committee. Brooks Garcia seconded the nomination. A vote was taken and Noah was elected to the position.

There was discussion of an education committee. This would be placed under the control of the PR committee. The discussion was tabled until Rose Witt (Copper) could get out flow charts of the organizational plan.

There was discussion of a plant CD being created by Laura Towner and Sheridan Shumway (rattler). Towner has offered the CD for use of raising money for the NASC. Thank you to both. There was also further talk of another auction. This Auction will be scheduled for the first half of this year.

This was the end of the official business for the meeting.