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Thread: Help id new orchid plz, bonus cp pics included :P

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    Here's a link to an image of Barbosella dusenii:

    The low elevation indicates that this may be a warm growing species afterall. Neat cos there aren't a lot of warm growing Pleurothallids out there.

    that orchid seems to have spikes rising from the base of the leaf so im guessing it isn't part of the Pleurothallid alliance.
    Amp: Barbosella IS in the Pleurothallid Alliance silly! :P

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    Without flower photo's or something more to narrow the field, it will be a waiting game. There are so many Bulbo's that could be, I don't even want to think about the 30 or so Pleuro's it could be. Unless someone out there is growing this exact species, I think we need flowers!!! Keep and eye on it, I have a few dozen orchids that go from nothing to spike/flower/dead spike withing a few days. And 2-3 that spike/flower/dead spike within 24 hours...

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    it doesnt have bulbs, that eliminates a lot of stuff if i'm right.
    But you are right, until it flowers everything is just a guess.
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    My pics:

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