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Thread: Death Bin Orchid / Questions

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    When referencing a lighter, if I recall correctly, it was the commonly used cigarette lighters like Bic or the other cheapest most commonly found in circulation. Interesting about your cigar lighter. Why would one need a 3 jet lighter to light a cigar? (Not being a smoker myself, I have no experience to draw from as to such a lighters possible benefits.)

    Nem, color break on the flowers is often an indicator when it hits many of the flowers and happens more than once.

    You can, if you wish, grow it in straight sphag. I have done so on numerous occasions with no problems. However, with one exception, I have never used it tightly packed in the pot. If you do use orchid bark, you may find it useful to include some sphag. It will depend upon your growing conditions and may take some experimentation. When you go to remove the sphag, submerge and soak the rootball for around 10-15 min. The sphag will be easier to remove and the roots will be more flexible.

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    Just to chime in. As Paul said, for some clones it is almost impossible to find virus free plants. Good techniques will help prevent the spread of the virus. I do not know if the common orchid viruses can be spread to other varieties of plants. I have gone to the expensive of testing my breeding stock, roughly $10 a plant if I do at least ten plants at a time. And have destroyed plants that have tested positive. BUT, if I had a plant just because I wanted it in my collection, I would not worry about testing but would act as if it was infected and take precautions.
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    Hi Nem,

    I also recently picked-up two bargain/post-valentines day orchids at a local Wal-Mart. And like your bargain deal, mine came with some sad news. After bringing both plants home I dusted off the neon green artificial moss to get a better look at the roots. On the first plant I had only one good green/white root after removing the compressed sphagnum media. The second plant was a little more fortunate and had 4-5 healthy roots! I'll report back in a few weeks, but I took immediate action to re-pot both plants. I cut the flowers off the first plant to force it to save energy to produce more roots rather than towards new flowers (hopefully it will pay-off later).

    Anyway, here are some before and after photos:

    Here is the second plant in its original pot

    You can the see the roots don't look too healthy

    Same on the other side

    Here is the first plant I repotted with 1 good root. We'll see if it makes it. You'll notice, again, that I removed the flower stalks
    After 3

    Second plant repotted
    Photo Feb 26, 9 22 23 PM (1)

    Second plant with flowers. I felt this one had enough roots to support flowers and further vegetative growth
    After 2

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    Good luck Jeff, Those look like some really nice orchids man.
    Keep us updated here

    As for my orchid, its finally starting to perk back up.
    All of the flowers have fallen off, except for the showiest one
    that original caught my eye. However... This orchid is now 3x bigger than when I bought it.
    The water seems to have done the trick

    The roots have greened up nicely. (Excuse the stockpile of bread and counter clutter)

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