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Thread: Year round Sarracenia growing---from seed!!!

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    I have some Sarracenias getting ready to flower for the first time, and I was planning on producing some seeds. I have a nice shelving unit that I can use for germinating and growing them out for the first two seasons. The footprint of each shelf is 48" x 24". I'm in the aquarium biz and have lots of used lighting at my disposal, and was wondering how much light would be required to adequately light that area? I realize that more is better, but my electric bill is high enough already from all of my aquaria! I would probably go with 48" T5HOs. I have a few 2 bulb retrofit kits with top quality individual reflectors, and was wondering how many I would need to use. Thanks!

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    Can anyone speak to the best way to transition the plants from the 24/7 grow light setup to outdoor growing? What time of the year is best? Naturally, they will need acclimated to the new light level, but I am more concerned about the time of the year. I'm planning on trying this process this spring and was curious as to how to eventually transition them to outdoor growing.


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    I know this is an old thread but will try asking anyway, how long do you use the heat mat? Just until the seeds sprout or for the whole two years?

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