The thing is that we who have joined the discussion forum come from widely different levels of experience with both the plants and computer. I, for one, basically knew how to kill VFT's and pitcher plants. My motivation for joining was to figure out genus and species name of the the non-committal "Lowes Cube OF Death" plants. What I learned in Savage Garden & CP's of the US & Canada was helpful, it didn't tell me what sundew or Nepenthes had. So I turned to the Internet and accidentally discovered the discussion forums. I never even knew discussion forums existed, much less for CP's. I registered but really didnt know what I was doing. Never heard of an avatar or SASE or PM or how to paste a URL to the address bar. Clint, you taught me that one. BCK, Snowy Falcon, and elarwhis taught me how to use the IB codes and hosting pictures and... I wouldn't have known to use the search function unless it was mentioned. We're just not all on the same page when we join.