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Thread: What should I feed my Cephalotus?

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    Arrow Feeding Ceph Fruitflies

    Quote Originally Posted by Not a Number View Post
    I was using Betta pellets - about four pellets per pitcher. I'd guess they are a quarter the size or smaller than the Cichlid pellets. I stopped using the brand I had since they were made in China and I didn't trust the ingredients in them. The smaller size lessens the mold problems.

    Now I just sprinkle a bunch of wingless fruitflies into a container and freeze them long enough to kill most of them and feed four to six flies per pitcher. Around 2 or 3 pitchers every two or three weeks. The rest of the flies go to my Drosera.

    I will not feed a pitcher without fluid in it. I have never had to add water.
    Thank you for your reply! Is there a specific method you use to catch fruitflies? I've read that you can uses vinegar and other things... just don't want to use anything that could potentially be harmful to the Ceph. I've had this plant for a week now, so I should probably wait another week to feed? I know the previous owner fed it cichlid food before shipping.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    You would be better off with flightless fruit flies as the winged ones will escape and become a nuisance. Last thing you want to do is annoy the rest of your family with your new hobby.

    You can buy flightless fruit flies online or you local Petco may carry them. Call ahead first as not all stores carry them.

    If you want to catch them (not advised as per above) you can Google search "DIY fruit fly traps" or "DIY Fruitfly traps". You can use basically anything fermented or will ferment as a lure. You may need to add a bit of yeast to start fermentation.

    Instructions for growing your own cultures can also be found via Google - try "fruit fly cultures". You can also search TerraForums as we had a discussion on this earlier this year.

    You can also feed them ants which are as I recall the staple food in the wild.

    Some fine tweezers will help greatly.
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