Hey y'all - thought I might share a pic of this S. Mardi Gras I have. It's on my windowsill right now going dormant. To be quite honest I haven't been raising it under ideal conditions. I got it about three months ago and had it situated about 15" from a 23 watt cfl bulb. I wasn't even giving it pure RO water until a month ago. Sheesh.

Anyway, the hoods on the other three pitcher of this plant have withered as you can see in the pic. Hopefully this is a sign of dormancy and not something more serious. I'm thinking it's the former since I believe this plant is sending up a single phyllodium, hopefully with more to follow.

I just LOVE the color of this thing!! I hope it can hold up (maybe not thrive, but at least not die) under artificial light, as this is the only option I have for raising my CPs. Around the time I put this thing on my window sill I also set up a grow rack (see my signature) with decent lighting and conditions, so hopefully after this thing makes it out of dormancy it will be a little happier... just a little.

I'm optimistic since the species that went into this hybrid all seem to be relatively tolerant of lower light levels... by sarr standards at least. I believe S. Mardi Gras is: [(Sarracenia leucophylla × Sarracenia purpurea) × (Sarracenia leucophylla × Sarracenia psittacina)]

Enough of the jibber jabber. Here's the pic!!

If this thing survives it will definitely be my favorite CP!!

EDIT: P.S., being from New Orleans, I'm thrilled to see a CP that takes a name of the single greatest holiday on earth. I make a point to go to Mardi Gras every year... a family tradition!