I'm a little late to the party, but I don't think your cephalotus looks sick at all. In fact, it looks quite happy. The reason I say that is because the new spring leaves look extremely healthy, and I see new pitchers forming among the old ones. It think that the old pitchers are fading because they are old, and it is their time to go. A ceph that is dying from the roots looks a lot different than that. For one thing, those juicy, verdent new leaves would be yellowing, too.

Give it a couple of months, and don't do anything rash out of panic. (Panic kills plants.) There is no need for you to fear the black death stalks in the night! You live in San Fransisco, the perfect place to grow cephs!

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Dashman - your ceph might need some attention. That symptom, yellowing of new leaves and developing pitchers, always preceded a crash for me. I don't know your conditions. Cutting back a bit on watering might help, but if you find that the symptoms accelerate, you might need to do some radical surgery.

I found out that I could always save my plants when they got like that by cutting off the crown below the soil line, taking part of the thick hairy stem, and replanting it in a new pot to root up in regular ceph medium. (They root very easily that way.) The remaining stem under the soil somehow always came back, and with more growth points than it had before.