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Thread: a few pics

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    a few pics

    Snapped a few pics in the greenhouse this morning as I was checking on things. Had a nasty aphid infestation a few weeks back. They're mostly eradicated now, but they sure left their mark on some of the pitchers.

    Sarracenia 'Odyssey' x leucophylla by aarongunnar, on Flickr
    'Odyssey' x leucophylla

    Sarracenia leucophylla x flava var. rubricorpora by aarongunnar, on Flickr
    leucophylla x flava rubricorpora

    Sarracenia mitchelliana x 'Wilkerson's Red' by aarongunnar, on Flickr
    a 1-yr-old seedling of mitchelliana x 'Wilkerson's Red'. can't wait to see how this one looks by the end of summer. they don't get much light in the greenhouse so i'm intrigued to see this much color. they'll all go outside around late May.

    Sarracenia (oreophila x minor) x leucophylla by aarongunnar, on Flickr
    (minor x oreophila) x leucophylla

    Sarracenia 'Doreen's Colossus' by aarongunnar, on Flickr
    'Doreen's Colossus' - you can see the after-effects of the aphid infestation on this one.

    Sarracenia 'willisii' x leucophylla by aarongunnar, on Flickr
    1-year-old seedling of willisii x leucophylla. this is from seed from Wes Buckner

    Unknown Sarracenia hybrid by aarongunnar, on Flickr
    an unknown hybrid I grew from seed, from open-pollinated seeds from my own collection I've collected over the years. this one is 4-years-old, i think. looks like flava cuprea is in the parentage. hard to tell in the pic, but there are a bunch of faint translucent spots on the lid and around the mouth.

    Unknown Sarracenia hybrid by aarongunnar, on Flickr
    another unknown hybrid from the same seed collection as the previous plant. i'd like this one a lot more, but it tends to be floppy. a good rainstorm knocks over most of the pitchers. it's pretty though!

    Sarracenia 'John Wyndham' by aarongunnar, on Flickr
    'John Wyndham'. i was amazed to see the size increase on this one this year. i bought it last spring and it didn't do much all year, stayed the same size. well, this is the first pitcher this year and it is about 15" tall. also, a bit distorted from the aphids.

    'Boob Tube' x open-pollinated. from my own seeds, this one is 4-years-old now. Really increased in size this year, about 12" tall, and the pitchers are very snake-like, sticking out at 45 deg. angles and kind of S-shaped.
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