Hello all. Here are some pictures of my plants. They don't look the best, because i had a terrible season with them (went on vacation/and house sitter forgot to water them. lost 75% of my plants and survivors had to be re-potted and were light starved.) but they still look decent. I hope you enjoy. More coming soon

S. leucophylla


S. minor var. minor

S. minor

Unknown hybrid from home deopt

home depot

A nice Flava from home depot, had some heavily veined leaves earlier in the year
flava whole plant
flava home depot

Oreophila Cherokee co, AL made a fall leaf

Oreo cherokee co, AL

S. rosea chipola river FL, at bottom, and old dock clone h purp above.

rosea and old dock

first two pics are a alamabemensis, and last 2 are a wherry "chatoms giant" i got as a freebie from a trade and is making leaves over a foot tall

alabamensis full
alabamensis close
chatoms giant full
chatoms giant close