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Thread: To Flower or Not to Flower....

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    To Flower or Not to Flower....

    In the coming week or two all of my Sarracenia are going to be unpotted, roots rinsed bare of all debris, and planted in two new large bog planters Iím currently preparing.

    If they do begin to flower this spring - should I discourage it and cut the stalks so the plants focus more on root development? Theyíll be in the planters for some time, and will be spending portions of the winter months outdoors.
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    If the plants have well developed root systems and you're not dividing the plants I wouldn't worry about it. S. rubra and S. oreophila might take a hit from root disturbance. Some people feel it is better to repot while the plants are still dormant. The main adverse effect I find when repotting while the plants are actively growing is breaking off flower stalks or new pitchers.
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