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Hey Fred, I am a bit late to the game but I had to say... beautiful plants as always. And from the detail you provided it sounds like you moved to "the other" coast Looking forward to seeing any flowering pictures in 2020 and more pictures of your collection.

Out of curiousity, what are the two plants in the second row from the bottom in the post directly above mine? I love the dark red on both. THe one on the left is striking! Reminds me a bit of Sarracenia 'Legacy'
Thanks BG and yes, I'm on the "other" coast now and loving it. I'll certainly be posting more this year....they are just now sending up flower buds but unfortunately, I usually snip off most of them. I'm leaving a few of those that I want to cross and a few that I just want to see bloom this year.

The two plants you're referring to in the post above are two crosses I made a few years ago. The left one does look a bit like 'Legacy' but the throat patch is bigger and darker than 'Legacy'. I think this one needs a name and I probably will name it this year sometime. The one on the right is 'Judith Hindle' x 'Royal Ruby'. I have a few siblings of this cross and they all look great. Looking forward to this one as a specimen plant.

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Thanks for the kudos Keith. It's been a pleasure chatting with you. Good growing!