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Thread: Heliamphora labels switched?

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    Heliamphora labels switched?

    Somehow I must have switched the labels on these hybrids created by Butch Tincher. At least I'm 99%certain that's the case. If you see this, Butch, please comment.

    This one is labeled H. sarraceniodes x folliculata

    This one is labeled H. sarraceniodes x parva

    Looking at the nectar spoons yesterday, it seems the labels should be swapped.

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    I've stepped back from the hobby for a while now and don't even remember these crosses LOL, but pretty sure you’re correct in your assumption, (spoon and the stripe are indicative of neblinae family heritage) confirmation would be seen in the flower stalk. A parva cross would most likely have a hirsute flower stalk.
    I would also expect a folliculata cross to have a slight reniform shape when viewed from above.
    Of course with seed grown examples, exceptions are possible.... my comments are typical of crosses from those species.
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