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Thread: Need Advice! Soil Mix

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    Need Advice! Soil Mix

    Iím new here and I wrote in the chat room (I think) asking about the best soil mix to repot my Nepenthes plant and got an answer of only Sphagnum moss & perlite.

    Everything Iíve researched online tells me something different (which has made me not repot my plant at all), and I know Iíll get the same thing here - but, Iím hoping people here can actually give me their real life experience with their mixes... I just donít want to repot it and the mix isnít right and then it dies.

    *A common thing Iíve seen online is:
    1:1:1:1:1 peat:sanderlite:fir bark:chopped Sphagnum*

    Any feedback is appreciated as my Nepenthes is huge and in desperate need of repotting!

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    What Nepenthes is it? There are general mixes that seem to work generally but what Nepenthes it is can matter. For example ultra highland plants tend to like more airy media while lowland and intermediate can be fine with peat/perlite or lfs/perlite mixes.
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    In the end, it depends on your conditions. That's the reason why you can get so much contradicting advice. People give what works for their personal conditions without taking that into consideration. If it's very humid and cooler where your plants grow you'll need a freer draining mix than if its always warm and dry. Moss and perlite is a good general mix that can be adapted to any condition by adjusting the proportions of moss to perlite for most species. Personally I've never seen any real benefit to adding more exotic stuff like tree fern fibers, charcoal, akadama, ect for most common species and hybrids.

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