hi guys,

im think of repotting the plant again, but this time removing some of the older soil form the roots and palcing it in a mix of peat/perlite/sand. You see, its odd. My minor isnt producing alot of leaves and he new one coming up is small and looks ok for now. The older ones came up fine but with a black part of top, later it dried/burned.. Im going to take it out of the tray method and place it under a pine tree i have growing in my yard. Threre it will get 3 hours of morning light and shade during the afternoon. Imma going to do that with all my temperate plants, as you see, all are doing bad.

Purp: producing new leaves slowly, but doing ok except older leaves are dying as nomal.

Minor: u can see from my post whats wrong lol

judith hindle: new leaves are coming slowly annd all with a burnt top.

vft's: not producing any new leaves from main plant, but the smaller of shoots are popping up.

thanks for any help