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Thread: Names of simple sarracenia hybrids

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    Hi , I was collecting info on all the names of simple Sarracenia hybrids . I've found a few innacurate names , misspellings and i have'nt found all the names either so i need some help here . So far I've coem up with this list :

    1. Sarracenia purpurea x flava = S. x catesbaei
    2. Sarracenia purpurea x rubra = S. x chelsonii
    3. Sarracenia purpurea x alata = S. x exornata
    4. Sarracenia purpurea x leucophylla = S. x mitchelliana
    5. Sarracenia purpurea x oreophila = S. x pureophila
    6. Sarracenia purpurea x minor = S. x swaniana
    7. Sarracenia purpurea x pssitacina = S. x courtii
    8. Sarracenia flava x rubra = S. x popei
    9. Sarracenia flava x alata = S. x alava
    10. Sarracenia flava x leucophylla = S. x moorei
    11. Sarracenia flava x oreophila =
    12. Sarracenia flava x minor = S. x harperi
    13. Sarracenia flava x pssitacina = S. x crispata
    14. Sarracenia rubra x alata = S. x ahlesii
    15. Sarracenia rubra x leucophylla = S. x readii
    16. Sarracenia rubra x oreophila =
    17. Sarracenia rubra x minor = S. x rehderi
    18. Sarracenia rubra x pssitacina = S. x gilpini
    19. Sarracenia alata x leucophylla = S. x areolata
    20. Sarracenia alata x oreophila = S. x miniophila
    21. Sarracenia alata x minor = S. x milata
    22. Sarracenia alata x pssitacina = S. x pssitiata
    23. Sarracenia leucophylla x oreophila = S. x mixta
    24. Sarracenia leucophylla x minor = S. x excellens
    25. Sararcenia leucophylla x pssitacina = S. x wrigleyana
    26. Sarracenia oreophila x minor =
    27. Sarracenia oreophila x pssitacina =
    28. Sarracenia minor x pssitacina = S. x formosa

    I would like to know what the names of the missing crosses i've listed above and if i made any spelling errors or if the name is wrong . I've noticed all of the missing names are crosses with S. oreophila , i guess it's because not many people have crossed this plant with the other species or because the crosses are very recent . Hope I can fill in the blanks .


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    thats very informtive, I odnt know about the other names though
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    I believe the crosses were given names because they were found in the wild, and at one point thought to be unique species. oreophila doesn't grow with any other sarracenia, which is why there are no names for hybrids with it - since none have ever been found. although i see you've found one with purpurea. it must've been given to an artificial hybrid.

    i could be wrong, but i think none of those names are valid, scientifically. however, they are useful when discussing them among peers, or when writing out complex crosses, etc. i think the only ones that are used with any regularity are: catesbaei, moorei, readii, formosa, gilpini, mitchelliana, popei, courtii, wrigleyana, excellens, exornata, rehderi, ahlesii, areolata and swaniana. The rest I have found to be used sparingly at best.

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    alata x minor is usually called S.x miniata, but milata is still used sometimes.

    The other oreophila hybrids named are:

    S.x mineophila = alata x oreophila (although I would have thought this would be minor x oreo)
    S.x mixta = oreophila x leucophila

    Here are some complex ones you might not know (and that nobody uses!):

    S.x comptoniensis = alata x willisii
    S.x diesneriana = flava x courtii
    S.x illustrata = flava x catesbaei
    S.x kaufmanniana = purpurea x chelsonii
    S.x melanorhoda = purpurea x catesbaei (this is still used sometimes)
    S.x sanderiana = leucophylla x readii
    S.x superba = leucophylla x excellens
    S.x laschkei = courtii x moorei
    S.x schoenbrunnensis = courtii x exulta
    S.x umlauftiana = courtii x wriglyana (again sometimes used)
    S.x vetteriana = (alata x catesbaei) x catesbaei
    S.x vogeliana = courtii x catesbaei
    S.x westphalii = (mitchelliana x moorei) x leucophylla

    S.x willisii is courtii x melanorhoda. I found out the other day that the willisii hybrids in America are actually willisii x leucophylla crossed with something else. The original willisii used for breeding was crossed with leuco, but most of the leuco part had rubbed off the label. So plants like 'Dana's Delight' could well be (willisii x leuco) x leuco.
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    The single best assembly of all these Sarr. hybrid names are in Nick Romanowski's book. He even includes a list of oreo hybrids.
    Sarracenia is right. Most of the names are derived from naturally occurring hybrids. The more complex names, like S. x willisii or S. x umlauftiana are purely horticultural, and have for the most part fallen into disuse. As Alvin Meister implied, willisii is still in use because the hybrid has proven to be a valuable breeder.
    So, what do you get when you cross a S. schoenbrunnensis with a umlauftiana

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