I have been bugging my fiance (who doesn't like snakes) to let me have a snake for the last 2 years or so, I finally got one.
Funny as heck too, because we went to one of the local pet stores looking for a T5 lighting setup for my reef tank, and she wanted to see the snakes. We went over by the reptile area and one of the employees was showing a customer a baby boa. I told her to come over here and look at the snake. She wouldn't come anywhere near the snake.
I went to see if they had any ball pythons and an employee got one out for me. So I told her to hold out her hand, of course she wouldn't. After a few minutes, she finally got the courage to hold out her hand, and I put the snake in it. She was petting it and stuff and I was talking to the employee about the snake's requirements, and we had the guy ring it up.
Meanwhile I wanted to see if they had the lighting system I was looking for, and she was holding the snake the whole time we were walking around the store . I asked her to give me the snake, and she wouldn't let me have it.
She actually likes the snake and is glad we got it. She said we should have got one a long time ago. She even named it.
Pretty funny if I do say so myself.